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Avignon, the Popes' city

Avignon, the Popes' city


It is essential to discover this city which experienced in the fourteenth s, the extraordinary destiny of becoming the capital of Christendom.

It keeps a considerable heritage classified largely in the World heritage of Humanity by Unesco: the bridge Saint Bénézet (that of the song!), the ramparts, the Popes' Palace, the Cathedral and the Rocher des Doms. Papal enclave in the county of Provence then in the Kingdom of France until 1791, political, spiritual and artistic crossroads, country of asylum, the city preserved in its monuments imprint of its rich history : churches, convents, chapels of Penitents, street of the Jews, mansions…but also the memories of famous characters which frequented her: the poet François Pétrarque, King René, Frédéric Mistral, or who were born there, as Henri Bosco and Pierre Boule.

The city shelters numerous museums, which all contain real treasures. Certain museums preserved the intimist atmosphere of art lover's house as for example the Foundation Angladon-Dubrugeau (Van Gogh, Cézanne, Sisley), the Vouland foundation (decorative arts) and the Palace du Roure (Provençal culture). The city is bustling for over 40 years in July by a theater festival.