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Beaucaire : one of the richest fairs in Europe


BEAUCAIRE : One of the richest fairs in Europe.

City of art and history, its historical monuments, testify its importance over the centuries.
Ancient Roman city and harbour of Nimes on the Rhone river, the antic Ugernum was situated long the Domitian road, which was connected Spain to Italy.
Medieval city, stronghold of the Counts of Toulouse, they built the castle and created, in 1217, the famous fair of the Madeleine.
The fair, before the largest of France, and one of the most popular in Europe, attracted, until the middle of the 19th century, more than 300 000 visitors.
The construction of the railway, and the following river trade fall, announced his decline. Today, magnificent monuments, testify of the extraordinary dynamism of this market town for centuries: castle, churches, town hall (built on plans of Mansart), mansions and town houses. This outstanding heritage justifies its membership of the “cities of art and history” network.