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Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the wine of the kings the king of the wines


CHATEAUNEUF-DU-PAPE: " the wine of Kings, King of Wines "

Famous vintage wine of the Coast of the Rhône, in the world reputation.

In 14th century, pope Jean XXII decides, at the same time, to build his summer residence there and to develop the vine growing thanks to wine growers of Cahors. The wine will be served to the papal court of Avignon and will be awarded the title of " Wine of the Pope ".
In the 18th, the Marquis of Villefranche will export the wine of his castle of Nerthe in Europe and in United States. (Boston, Philadelphia).

In the 20th Baron Leroy de Boiseaumarié, owner of the castle Fortia, will be at the origin of AOC (PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN) to guarantee the origin and the quality of the wine elaborated, from then on, according to strict rules.
A walk through the vineyards allows to discover the peculiarity of the soil of Châteauneuf :  vines grows between enormous rolled pebbles which get the heat of the sun in the daytime and restore it to the stock at night, favoring the maturation of the grape and the production of powerful and robust red wines and aromatic white.