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Nimes : The French Rome


NIMES: "The French Rome".

The city was founded at the foot of Mont Cavalier around a spring venerated by the Celts, still visible in the gardens of the Fountain, close to the temple of Diana
In the 1st century BC, Nîmes became a Roman colony and covered itself with sumptuous monuments. The Emperor Augustus and his successors will promote the city ideally located on Via Domitia, connecting Rome with Spain : construction of walls 19700 ft long, temples (remains the famous "Maison carrée"), aqueducts, theater ...
In the Middle Ages, tanners and dyers dealers' fabrics enliven the shopping Streets : the production of indigo blue cotton, exported all over the world, give birth to the famous “denim jeans”!
Open to new ideas, the city will quickly subscribe to the Reformation and the city will be nicknamed "Little Geneva". Religious wars will rage there.
Magnificent mansions of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries show the economic vitality of the city, turned to manufacturing production and silk industry.
The wonderfully restored downtown, is particularly pleasant for lovers of fine architecture and of shopping!
The city ignites twice a year for the Feria, and takes his coat of light…