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Tarascon : in the shade of the castle of the king René


TARASCON : In the shade of the castle of King René.

Tarascon is a beautiful city with great cultural heritage. Evangelized by Saint Martha, (hostess of Christ in Bethany) landed in Provence after being driven from Palestine, she overcame a bloodthirsty monster, the Tarasque, which will be exterminated by the inhabitants. Since then, many pilgrims visit the Collegiate Church Sainte Martha, built on the site of his tomb, still preserved in the crypt. This is one of the most beautiful churches in Provence, decorated with beautiful paintings.
Border town, along the Rhone, in front of the castle of Beaucaire, who defended the entrance to the Languedoc, the counts of Provence rebuilted, from 1400 one of the most impressive castles in France.
Transformed into a royal residence by King Rene of Provence, he announces the Renaissance.
In the 19th s, the name of Tarascon is known all over the world thanks to the success of the book of Alphonse Daudet, telling the funny adventures of Tartarin de Tarascon.
The city also houses the museum Charles Démery and the factory of the famous Provençal fabrics : Souleïado.